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Here, at Wave Man, we believe Aikido is, firstly and foremost, a Budo. Aikido practice is more than just a martial art or system of self-defense, it is a mentality–a path to self-awareness and refinement.

We welcome you to roll like the waves:
rigorous, but peaceful practice…with sincerity and a drive to improve your health, your spirit, and mind.

Do something good for yourself!
Schedule a time to come down and start making Aikido a part your practice.

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We train daily and offer practice to support, and challenge,  your personal goals at any point along the path.  Practice sessions include both weapons and empty-handed techniques, as well as centering and ukemi (receiving throws). Leave us an email, text, or phone call if you plan on joining us for training.


Questions?    aikidowave1@gmail.com

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